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SS/MS Spring Nuts, also known as speed nuts or captive nuts, are fasteners designed to create a threaded connection in sheet metal or other thin materials. Here are the details about SS/MS Spring Nuts:


  • Stainless Steel (SS): Offers excellent corrosion resistance and durability, suitable for outdoor or corrosive environments.
  • Mild Steel (MS): Provides strength and cost-effectiveness, commonly used in indoor applications or where corrosion resistance is not the primary concern.


  • Spring Design: Spring nuts feature a unique design with spring-like legs that allow them to be compressed and inserted into a pre-punched or pre-drilled hole in the sheet metal.
  • Threaded Body: The body of the spring nut has internal threads that allow it to accept a bolt, screw, or threaded rod for creating a secure connection.
  • Pronged or Toothed Legs: The legs of the spring nut are often pronged or toothed to grip the material securely once installed.


  • Spring nuts are installed by compressing the spring-like legs and inserting them into the pre-punched or pre-drilled hole in the sheet metal.
  • Once inserted, the legs expand to grip the material securely, creating a threaded connection.
  • The nut can then be tightened onto the bolt or screw to complete the assembly.


  • Available in various sizes to accommodate different bolt or screw diameters and material thicknesses.
  • Common thread sizes include metric and standard (imperial) measurements.


  • Widely used in industries such as automotive, electronics, HVAC, and furniture assembly, where a threaded connection in sheet metal or thin materials is required.
  • Suitable for applications where access to both sides of the sheet metal is available for installation.
  • Used in assemblies where speed and ease of installation are important, as spring nuts can be quickly installed without the need for additional hardware.


  • Provides a quick and easy method for creating threaded connections in sheet metal or thin materials.
  • Spring-like legs grip the material securely once installed, providing a reliable connection.
  • Versatile and can be used in various applications where standard nuts may not be suitable due to material thickness or access limitations.


  • May require access to both sides of the sheet metal for installation, depending on the specific design and application requirements.
  • Care must be taken during installation to ensure that the spring nut is properly seated and aligned to prevent stripping or damage to the threads.